Its All Crystal Clear Now – Tuesday 18th March 2014

Whilst enjoying the sunshine today and having ten minutes to myself, I decided to pop into my favourite picture framers for a quick catch up.

Having looked at all the new designs and colours on the frames and mounts that fill the shop, I got into conversation regarding glass!

I have seen it before, but I guess always been too busy to really take the time to look properly. The glass in question is the UltraVue Water White Glass – which I know has been around for some time, but it really is a lovely finish to any mounted photograph, print or artwork. If you have not seen the difference between it and normal plain glass and are thinking of getting anything framed, then you need to have a look before you buy. The amount of reflection on the glass is reduced so much, it is almost as if there is no glass fitted. There is even a UV additional finish on this glass if you really have something you want framed and also protected.


UltraVue 2mm Water White Glass

I was lucky enough to walk out of the shop with a demonstrator frame for use at the studio, and have taken a very quick snap of it on the phone for you to look at.  Despite the poor quick shot, I think the image shows how good this glass is.

If you want any further information and/or prices for this finish in your frames please drop me an email or give me a call in the office.






Engagement Photo Shoots – A Worthwhile Venture

Whenever you are considering your Wedding Photography and more importantly your Wedding Photographer, why not ask or even push for an engagement shoot.

There are several benefits of this option . Firstly and possibly most importantly you get to spend some time with the person who will be with you for a considerable part of your wedding day. It is important to feel comfortable with your photographer and be able to speak honestly and frankly with them. Being comfortable with them will only enhance your wedding day images. When he or she turns up on your wedding morning, at least you will feel as if you actually know your photographer.

You will also be able to view images along the way during the shoot. Your photographer will be able to discuss with you different options on specific shot types, and give advice on your stance, head position and what to do with your jazz hands! If you can avoid this being a need on your wedding day, it can only be a good thing. The added bonus is you get to see that your photographer can actually achieve the type of images that you want . . . . Can he use a camera or not!!

During the shoot ask questions and ask the photographer to run you through how they see the wedding day being covered from their perspective. What do they expect to achieve for you, what does your wedding coverage include, the whole day or selected periods? How are they going to cover the various parts of the day, do you need a second shooter and if so is there an additional cost. Are they a full time or weekend photographer – ARE THEY INSURED?

A final benefit will be the option to acquire some of the days images to use as you wish, maybe for wedding invites or wedding day decoration.

Don’t make a mistake and book a photographer from some images on a website and a five minute phone call – they may not even be their own images!

Drive the process, you only get one chance to get your wedding photography right. Be sure in who and what you have booked, and be confident with what will be worked towards on your special day.

If you are interested and would like to discuss an engagement shoot please contact me on the details below.


Engagement Photography at High Rocks, West Sussex.

Engagement Photography at High Rocks, West Sussex.


 07808 062064


Busy Busy Busy

What a difference a little bit of sunshine can make! A busy week with a surprise wedding proposal, followed by an engagement shoot a St. Pancras International Station and finished off with a lovely wedding at Biggin Hill and stunning reception at Combe Bank.

A Baby Shoot and Ballet School are on the agenda this week.

I really hope thisImage sun keeps shining!!